Merchant Cash Advance


Qualification Requirements
*Been in business for atleast 6 months
*Have at least $10,000 a month in deposits

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Qualification Requirements: Been in business for atleast 6 months & Have at least $10,000 a month in deposits
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Applying will not affect your credit score

Applying will not affect your credit score



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That are unique to the nature of the business

Merchant Cash Advance

The availability of cash can make the difference between closing a deal or watching it fall through. Essential funds can help business owners meet payroll or stock up on inventory. A merchant cash advance lets you close a deal when you want to or need to and not when a bank approves a loan. While time may make no difference to banks that can take up to two months to approve a traditional business loan, it matters a lot to you when you need money within days to close a deal, pay suppliers or maintain inventory.

Taking a realistic approach to working capital.

A funny saying in the industry is "To get a business loan, first you have to prove you don't need it". Banks use severe qualifying requirements that shut out many owners who need a small business loan. They make it too hard to raise funds for a company. A merchant cash advance offers an excellent alternative. With more relaxed criteria for credit requirements, it offers flexible terms with a realistic approach to delivering the money that business owners need. The advantages outweigh the options of the traditional Small Business Loan that banks offer from a time and chances of approval perspective.

Take a shortcut through the application process.

Apply online with your business ID and minimal documentation, and you can get back to running your company. You do not need to go to a bank and spend hours filling out paperwork or convincing a clerk that you deserve a loan.

Get cash within as little as 24 hours from the time you submit your application.

The merchant cash advance process provides a quick reply. You can get approval that lets you take care of business by knowing that the funds can show up in your account as soon as the next day.

Avoid the hassle of providing collateral and a personal guarantee.

A merchant cash advance allows funders to respect your status as a successful business owner. It uses practical measures such as business bank account deposits instead of arbitrary guidelines that banks use for traditional loans. Putting up collateral can be scary, especially if what you’re putting up is the driver of your business. For example, to get a loan for a company in the trucking industry, banks may hold your truck as collateral in order to issue the loan.

Use the funds as you see fit.

Traditional lenders impose restrictions on how to use the funds, but you have the latitude to spend merchant cash advance money on the needs that demand attention. You can purchase inventory, pay off indebtedness, launch a marketing campaign or satisfy another pressing need.

Avoiding Unnecessary Scrutiny.

Commercial lenders and banks usually require you to submit your business plan, several years of tax returns and possibly audited current financial statements for review. Aside from the amount of time that they require, they scrutinize your business unnecessarily while the merchant cash advance avoids intrusive inquiries. The most important documentation the merchant cash advance providers want to see is your monthly bank statements, credit card processing statements, and the length of time that you have operated your business.

If you enjoy getting the respect that you deserve as a successful business owner who has an immediate need for cash, a merchant cash advance may provide exactly what you want.